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Pottery Workshop "Rare Cretan Clay"

One hour, on the wheel using rare Cretan clay

Activity Details

Pottery on the wheel is a relaxing and creative art. The Minoans started using the wheel about 4000 years ago and they still have a great influence on the objects made by today’s professional wheel throwing potters of our island. We can guide you and your hands into making your first Cretan clay pot. A single lesson will give you great insight into how the wheel works and how the clay takes form. At the end, you will be able to *take the pot you made home with you. 60 Minute introductory "Rare Cretan Clay Workshop": For ages 12 and above (in English or Greek) we provide a comprehensive one hour workshop on the wheel which is perfect for beginners or even intermediate throwers. Learn the basics and experience the local techniques of pottery. Using rare Cretan clay make your first clay pots to take home. Booking is required. The duration of the workshop is 60 minutes and the price is 48€ per person

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Bedingungen zu Umbuchung und Kündigung

To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 24 hours earlier. Thank you!


  • Cretan Olive Oil Farm, cretan olive oil farm, Agios Nikolaos Municipality, Greece


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