Pottery Workshops

One hour workshop on the wheel

  • 1 Stunde
  • 48 euros
  • Cretan Olive Oil Farm


Pottery on the wheel is a relaxing and creative art. The first archaeological discoveries in Crete date back to 7000 BC. The Minoans still have a great influence on the objects made by today’s professional potters of our island. "Pottery Workshops" for ages 10 and above (in English or Greek) we provide a comprehensive workshop which is perfect for beginners or even intermediate throwers learning the basics and beyond, as well as making your first clay pots to take home. The duration of the workshop is 60 minutes and the price is 48€ per person. Reservation is required.

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  • Cretan Olive Oil Farm, cretan olive oil farm, Agios Nikolaos Municipality, Greece